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In 2013 I began recording interviews for the Korean Photography Books blog. While these recordings were intended for transcription, they planted a seed, and sound began to creep into my practice.

Sound has become entwined with my photographic process. My Single Pixel Cameras and Black Boxes begin a process by which light becomes voltage, voltage becomes sound, sound becomes bits, and these bits become image. The sound aspect of this work stands equal to the images.

With the loss of Polaroid and Fuji instant film materials a few years back, I turned to field recording to focus my attention on the new and novel experiences engendered by travel. Very soon I began to bring my recorder everywhere and explore field recording. Given the locus of my photographic work, it should be no surprise that the abstraction of alternative recording methods, i.e. induction coils, piezo discs, hydrophones and geophones, have piqued my fancy. Themes mirror those in my photographic work: Cities, Movement, Information Flow, Process, and Abstraction.