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Slew/Sync, 3 Channel Video Installation, Robert C. Turner Gallery's Immersive Gallery, Alfred, NY2021

In May 2021 I participated in the Institute for Electronic Arts's Experimental Media Residency. Slew/Sync is a 3 channel video installation that was produced during the residency and installed in the Robert C. Turner Gallery's Immersive Gallery, Alfred, NY 2021. Each channel presents the same underlying signal with slight variations in the analog image processing applied. There are multiple degrees of sync slippage of the composite video signal slips within and between the three channels. As I was making this, I was thinking about the shear forces that are buffeting American society. Shared physical reality continues--up remains up, down remains down--yet perceptions of the physical world and the notions of truth have fallen out of sync. This slippage is exacerbated by the presence of a telematic infrastructure that has been knotted into and through society, and which that society possesses a limited literacy in terms of its effect on how individuals and society as a whole structure our sense of the world.